April 19th (Fri.) to 27th (Sat.), 2024, 12:00-18:00 *Closed on Tuesdays

TRINE GALLERY is pleased to present SCHNABEL EFFECTS “Pretty Wood” from April 19th (Fri.) to 27th (Sat.), 2024.
The imagery created by SCHNABEL EFFECTS traverses between the distant past and the ongoing present. Ancient trees, forgotten and untouched by anyone, becoming like mossy pools in large pots. The patterns of sunlight, printed in silk screen, evoke the bright Mediterranean sun, reminiscent of decorative motifs from around the world such as Majorcan tiles, Arabesques found on the walls of historic mosques, and the traditional colors of Japanese temples and shrines.
The charm of decorative graphics, passed down across nations, religions, cultures, and ages. Perhaps therein lies the origin of the “cute” that humanity has been seeking for centuries.