Exhibition:  “Portrait by Artbooks” by SCHNABEL EFFECTS
—– ‘Artbook collection by a person is his/her own portrait’ (by SCHNABEL EFFECTS)

In cooperation with:  Yasushi Fujimoto, Art Director, CAP
Yasumichi Morita, Representative & Designer, GLAMOROUS Co., Ltd.
Keiichi Mizuno, Owner, GALLERY TARGET

Date:  February 9 – February 25, 2012

Place:  GALLERY TARGET (2-32-10 Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo, Japan)

SCHNABEL EFFECTS with stylish, delightful and sometimes sexy graphic works, and also with the unidentified rabbit character, which often appears in the magazines “VOGUE JAPAN,” “FIGARO japon” and “BRUTUS,” has many fans in the fashion industry and among editors.

The exhibition “Portrait by Artbooks” showed the other face of SCHNABEL EFFECTS — new artworks by silkscreen artist.  The subject matter was artbook.  “Artbook is my teacher for me.  I’m not an artbook collector who often treasures them, but I pile them up carelessly in my room.  It’s like a feeling of a junior high school student who puts posters of favorite rockers on the wall.”  It’s  often said that bookshelf reflects the character of an owner.  I found out that owner’s sensibility showed vividly by narrowing it down to artbook.  I, SCHNABEL EFFECTS, penetrated into libraries of my honorable people.

“Art Director Yasushi Fujimoto describes the size of his library by weight, by counting 14 tons, not by a number of volumes.  In the library there are four or five copies of the photo books by Bruce Weber and Larry Clark.  I assume that he didn’t remember what he bought and mistakenly got the same books several times.  I guess he thought the books were very good everytime he saw them in a fresh feeling.”

By going through several filters–from an artist to other artists, it ends in a condensed work as a form of using oil painting and silkscreen together.  Enjoy the artworks at “Portrait by Artbooks,” like a sense of ‘espresso’ so to speak!

Information of the exhibition appeared in the following magazines:
“Numero TOKYO”
“Plus 81 magazine”
And other magazines

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